Shopping FAQ

Are Sunday school teachers, day care providers, charter school teachers, or homeschool teachers eligible to shop?

No. The only eligible shoppers are preK - grade 12 and all special education teachers, aides, counselors, and administrators who are employed by a publicly-elected school board in Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Monroe, and Owen Counties.

Can student teachers shop at Teachers Warehouse?

Yes, if they shop with their supervising teacher or have verification of his/her approval. Free items obtained by student teachers count toward the supervising teacher's quarterly limits.

Is there a limit to how much teachers can take?

Yes. Teachers may take 32 items each quarter. Some items have limits. Some do not. For example, teachers may only take 30 pencils, 100 sheets of card stock, and 3 packs of sticky notes a visit. Items with limits are clearly marked with yellow labels. All other items have no limits.

Do teachers have to pay anything to be able to shop at Teachers Warehouse?

No. We are a store without a cash register. There is no registration charge, and there are no prices on any products on our shelves. We do ask shopper to send thank you notes to five donors.

How do teachers sign up to participate?

First-time shoppers must fill out a shopper's log, indicating where they teach, grade level/position, number of students, and contact information. Teachers must verify employment on your first visit with a valid school I.D., pay stub or letter from the administration office. While shopping, we ask that all shoppers record the quantities of items being taken on the shopper sheets prior to checking out, so as not to cause a bottleneck in the check-out process.

Donation FAQ

Are there any items that Teachers Warehouse does not accept?

- Magazines, unless they are 2013 or newer National Geographic
- Textbooks and teaching materials for them
-Teacher references older than five years
- Empty food containers
- Computers
- Used stuffed animals
- Used kazoos or mouth instruments
- Address labels
- Batteries of any type
- 3-ring binders (3" or larger)
- Crazy glue; rubber cement
- Fax or cash register rolls
- Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
- Play-Doh or similar substance

Please do not donate items that are torn or dirty.